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Making use of an online Honda motorcycle parts catalog

Montag, 3-9-2018  

I am an amateur motorbike racer. I have been racing motorbikes for several years now, and I have been through everything. My Honda motorcycle parts catalog is on my bedside table, I go through it so often. It is not that my Honda bike is unreliable – far from it. I put it through a lot, with my (probably much too) aggressive racing style, and the occasional bump and bruise, and after most races I find myself searching through my Honda motorcycle parts catalog for something which I have damaged. And then there is the normal wear and tear of pushing the bike to – and in my case often past – its limits. In the last year I have searched through my Honda motorcycle parts catalog and ordered by doublerparts:

  • Air filters;
  • Oil filters;
  • A new windscreen;
  • New tail lights;
  • Mirrors for both sides of the bike;
  • More tyres than I care to remember.

Finding parts more quickly with an online Honda motorcycle parts catalog

Buying parts has always been a bit of a pain. Individual parts can be pretty expensive, and delivery costs are sometimes more than the parts themselves. Fortunately an old friend of mine has a garage around the corner. I discovered that he orders parts from Double R Parts, in the Netherlands, and he is placing orders every few days. They only sell business to business but when I need something I log on to and search through their extensive Honda motorcycle parts catalog. They sell parts for every type of bike, as far as I can tell. There are all sorts of bits which I have no experience of, even after all the racing, but that is why it is useful to have a friend who is also a mechanic. For the replacements that I can do myself, I just search through the Honda motorcycle parts catalog and tell my friend what I need this time. He is used to ordering for me regularly, but the service from Double R Parts is pretty good so it is no trouble for him. It is much easier for me to use an online Honda motorcycle parts catalog and the delivery costs are much lower because he is buying from them anyway. They parts come at wholesale prices, so I do not need my paper Honda motorcycle parts catalog as much nowadays. And I buy my friend a beer every so often as a thank you.

Replacing a blown cylinder

I have got pretty handy with bike repairs, but recently I had a much more catastrophic failure during a race. For once it was not even my fault. It had been a long race, we were reaching the end, and I heard a bang. There was smoke everywhere. Even I knew that it was bad news. My bike could not even limp back to the pits. My mechanic friend was with me that day, and he recognized the problem immediately. I think that he was already checking out the online Honda motorcycle parts catalog on his phone before I have even got back to the pits. Even Double R Parts good prices could not completely soften the blow of the dramatic failure of my bike, but I did at least get a good lesson in bike mechanics from my friend – replacing a cylinder is one of the more complex operations I have ever been part of on my bike, but it was a good experience to get my hands oily, and to get back on my bike knowing that I had helped revive it.

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