Opening a Dutch bank account for non residents

Mittwoch, 3-7-2019  

The Netherlands are known for its open attitude towards entrepeneurs, even from outside the country. A good example of that is the way Dutch banks treat non-residents when they want to open a bank account. In many countries, it is not possible to open a bank account when the applicant does not live in this country. Dutch banks however, don’t ask applicants to live in The Netherlands. Therefore, any entrepeneur can open a Dutch bank account. Non residents have to meet some requirements that differ from bank to bank. To get to know if you meet these requirements, it is best to contact the bank of your choice. It is possible to open a Dutch bank account for non residents on a personal note or for business. Both make it easier to start a business in The Netherlands. Receiving and paying is done best by opening a Dutch bank account, even for non residents. When you are looking to start your company in The Netherlands, opening a Dutch bank account for non residents might be on a long list of to do’s. This is why Intercompany Solutions offers all entrepeneurs who want to start their business in The Netherlands, their services. We can help you tick off every single action you need to undertake to start your business of the right way. Contact Intercompany Solutions for more information about opening a bank account or acquiring other information about the Dutch economy.

Benefits of having a Dutch bank account for non residents

There are several benefits of having a Dutch bank account. Also, since opening a Dutch bank account for non residents is so easy, we always recommend opening one. It makes paying much easier for your clients and gains an instant access to all other kinds of services, such as insurance. Transferring money is done via the internet and you can make use of Dutch credit card services as well. Most Dutch banks offer other services, such as mortgages and insurances. Financing a house or office is possible this way, as are investing in Dutch property and other financial products. Of course, family members can apply for a Dutch bank account for non residents too. 

Other services

Next to assistance in opening a Dutch bank account for non residents, we offer more. We can help you:

  • obtain a social security number
  • obtain a EORI and VAT numer
  • obtain an office space
  • get connected to support services like translation and accounting

Furthermore, we act as counselor for our clients. If you have questions regarding starting your business in The Netherlands or opening a Dutch bank account for non residents, we are here for you. You can find us online on our website and apply for a first consultation. This meeting is free and indicates the right direction for the next step. Starting a business can be easy and fun, with the right help. We have helped over 500 companies to get started and gave advice to entrepeneurs from over thirty countries. With this experience, we are sure we can help you get started on the right foot, right away.

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