Working with a disc harrow in modern agriculture

Samstag, 4-4-2015  

It is hard to envision a modern farm without the advantages of a disc harrow. Take a look at one hundred years ago, for instance. In those times, the disc harrow was predominantly pulled by an ox or a horse. This meant that still a lot of human energy and effort had to be invested in order for the apparatus to function correctly. It did have parts that could be lifted though, so transportation had been made relatively easy. Nowadays, a disc harrow is almost always pulled by a tractor or other automated vehicle. This has increased production by over a several hundred percent, thus allowing for significantly larger harvests. So even though the disc harrow has been part of a farmer’s life for a long time, it has adapted successfully to modern day challenges in farming and agriculture. To make it more concrete, a few advantages of the disc harrow will be listed below:

  • First off, it allows for an efficient use of soil that is already present on the field. The disc harrow extensively shuffles the soil, thereby allowing for an increased fertility. That is, through its shuffling effect, it allows a wide range of minerals and vitamins to seep into the soil. In a later stage, that allows seeds, plants and crops to grow bigger. In effect, the increased growth of these seeds, plants and crops leads to more success during the harvest season.
  • Secondly, the disc harrow has an advantage due to the slight adjacency of its iron and steel discs. To be more precise, that entails that they do not perfectly line up with the outline of the machine. The subsequent effect of the adjacency of the iron and steel discs is that sand is distributed anew on the field. This redistribution of soil every year leads to a much needed dynamic on the farm field.
  • Thirdly, the apparatus leads to an efficient redistribution of rain and irrigation water. When there is too much water on the fields there is a substantive danger of seeds, plants and crops drowning or at least being impaired in their growth. As such, the disc harrow can assist in the spreading out of water by shuffling the soil and creating holes for the water to seep into.

Other characteristics of the disc harrow that play a role

It has become clear that a disc harrow can have a number of a distinct advantages for the modern agricultural farming methods. In addition to the soil efficiency, soil shuffling and remaining crop removal, the disc harrow has a few characteristics that make it especially suited for these kind of tasks. First off, it is made of durable materials. That is, special kinds of iron, steel and metal have been used in its construction, thereby ensuring a durable and sturdy machine. Furthermore, the metal that has been used, has been thoroughly galvanized. That means that it is mostly resistant to rust and other oxidizing effects. It does not stop there, however. In effect, the combination of durable iron, steel and others metals and the anti-oxidizing workings of the galvanization makes the disc harrow an extremely durable and useful machine. The rain and irrigation water, for instance, will be unable to have an effect on the disc harrow. More importantly, the wear of years of usage will barely show on this durable apparatus. That means that the disc harrow serves as an excellent investment for any farmer willing to uphold the high efficiency standards of modern day industrial farming. Now that it has become clear that high-quality materials have been that are resistant to rust to produce the apparatus, it is useful to point out that the iron and steel discs of the disc harrow conform to the same quality standards. Often, these are the elements that have to do the most heavy duty work. It is therefore of paramount importance that they are resistant to the wear of heavy duty work. That is, the iron and steel discs need to be robust.

And finally its role in modern-day farming methods

The disc harrow is special because it serves multiple goals. First off, it allows for an efficient use of the soil on the fields by stimulating the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Secondly, it dynamically shuffles the soil around the fields, thereby stimulating the growth of seeds, crops and plants. Finally, it can add to the correct distribution of rain and irrigation water. These three goals are achievable because of the sturdy nature of the materials that are used to produce the machine. By the Evers company, for instance. This company is specialized in producing high-quality machines for the farming industries. As a farmer, efficiency is a factor that is of paramount importance. In fact, the relative success of a whole farming company often depends on the degree of efficiency that one manages to integrate into the production processes. In other words, it is important to realize as a farmer, that it can be very helpful to be able to do your daily chores and complete your long-term projects in a manner that leaves little waste and costs as little energy as possible. Having the right machines and tools is an indispensable part of such an attitude towards efficient large scale farming. So visit the website and invest in machinery that will help you farming!

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